Wood Products

Renewable Resources – Salvaged Wood Slabs and Lumber

Maple Hill’s “Live Edge” slabs and lumber come entirely from the salvaged wood of urban trees. Once a tree is removed and transported to our yard, it is then processed to create useable lumber that has almost zero carbon footprint. We offer Live Edge slabs as well as dimensional lumber. Common species include Ash, Maple, Oak and Elm as well as more rare species such as Locusts, Butternut, Walnut, and Cherry. Most of our slabs are available as a book-matched set, allowing you to create a wide surface with a mirror image effect. These solid wood slabs are perfect for creating attractive tables, bar-tops, desks, benches, and shelves.

All of our slabs and lumber are available rough-sawn and air dried. They can also be finished to your desired specifications, including joining a book-matched set.

See below for our current inventory. Or feel free to contacts us about custom cutting of your old or fallen trees.

*Note – We used water to help show the natural grain for the photos.



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